Surfing Pools


The concept of perfect waves, on tap, is the "wet dream" of every surfer. They think of 4-5 ft barrels, easy waves, difficult waves and endless combinations... all at the turn of a switch.

Sanctuary Beach has the technology, skills and patents to bring that dream into reality. Dr Black's company Surf Pools Pty Ltd was the research group behind the development of large inland surfing pools in the USA. Unfortunately, the American team failed at the start of the Global Financial Crisis and and only the large test pool was built. Small, surfable barrels proved the technology.


More than $3 million was spent on R&D funded in part by the Government of New Zealand under Dr Black's guidance, and the technology was fully developed and proven. 






For the first time since the GFC, Sanctuary Beach is now enlivening this technology again to make world's leading inland surfing pools.


We know about Webber and his topedo, Slater and his massive round pool and others who have shown that waves for surfing are possible. We're not playing with endless waves or circular pools. Our waves are in a large pool or lake and they run along the shore... just like nature ... except that computer-controlled robotic machines generate the waves.

We know it can be done because science laboratories have been making quality research waves for decades and Dr Black's own laboratory in Hamilton (New Zealand) made big-scaled waves that endlessly barrelled. Dr Black blended the science with the practicalities to







turn "scientific reality into surfer's dreams". Our unique knowledge of reefs in the sea allows us to sculpt the lake or pool to produce anything from soft to barrel breakers.


Our favourite option is the inland surfing lake in a residential development. Residents and their invited friends can surf. Land developers who want to exchange the golf course for a surfing lake should contact Sanctuary Beach now.

We are happy to discuss our pool options, business plans and management concepts.




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