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The philosophy of Sanctuary Beach explains our dynamic. We believe that "science and consulting are intrinsically linked in this ever more complex world". The financial, population and global climate pressures now mean that world-class solutions to problems must aim to blend the best scientific knowledge with the most practical solutions. And the best way forward? ... Use people with decades of “hard-won” practical experience who incorporate:

Scientific advances
Technological advances
Computer modelling and forecasting


Outcomes can be known before going forward, so that balanced decisions can be made by the client in consultation with the community. Our goal is to disseminate the phenomenal advances that have been made in marine science over the last 3-4 decades (like many other scientific disciplines).

Sanctuary Beach wants the client to have the best knowledge and the community to have confidence that everything possible is being done to ensure correct decisions will be going forward. When there's no perfect solution, we find the best solution.

Sanctuary Beach draws in extra expertise when needed such as the Coastal Engineering skills of Arup Sigma (Mauritius) or the research capabilities of Melbourne University (where Black holds an honorary Associate Professor's position). Our Indian, Australian, New Zealand, British and American associations are exceptionally strong and give Sanctuary Beach access to former and current Institute Directors, research professors and key consultants.



Sanctuary Beach expertise


Authentic computer modelling of physical and biological marine systems
Beach systems, erosion and management
Climate change impacts
Coastal outfalls and inlets
Coastal Engineering
Construction of reefs
Maintenance and capital dredging
Ports and harbour design
Primary Production and fisheries

Reefs for coastal protection, fisheries, amenity and surfing
Sand and mud migration
Shoreline Management Plans
Field surveys and monitoring
Water-borne transmission of dissolved and particulate chemicals, toxin, larval fish etc.


Just ask if your needs are not on the list. You will find that our consultants may have the experience you need. If not, we’re happy to advise you about world-class alternative colleagues.


















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